Thursday, June 2, 2011

OCC Kamen Rider Birth Review

This is the review for OCC (OOO Combo Change) Kamen Rider Birth

The OCC toyline is the main gimmick line of Kamen Rider OOO. Similar lines are the Fianl Form Ride line from Kamen Rider Decade, and the W Change series from Kamen Rider W.

As you can see, Birth comes with his C.L.A.W.S. System, his main gimmick. That scorpion can disassemble and form weapons and armor for Birth. But that's for later. Lets look at the figure itself first:


The figure is roughly 6" tall. It is primarily aimed at kids for playability so it doesn't have as much detail as other lines such as SH Figuarts.
Most of the toy is unpainted plastic due to the simplicity of Birth's design, giving it kind of a "toy-like" look to it.

Birth's belt is unpainted other than the knob.

I don't know what it is but his head seems like its missing something. I feel it looks very plain. Its actually not missing much details but I think its the unpainted plastic that gives it a cheap look.

Now onto the articulation:
Birth has:
  • Ball-jointed head
  • Shoulder joints
  • Bicep swivel
  • elbow joints
  • wrist swivel
  • Finger joints; pinky and ring finger and index and middle finger as seperate joints
  • Ball jointed thighs
  • Knee swivel
  • Knee joint
  • Ball jointed ankles
My main criticism about Birth's articulation is the lack of any sort of waist joint. The reason there isn't one is because the OOO OCC figures split apart into three pieces, disallowing a waist joint. Birth, however, is one piece and should very have a waist joint. This is a major flaw in the figure. Another one is the finger articulation. The way that it is cut makes fists look awkward and holding his weapons look weird.
Speaking of weapons, Birth also comes with his Birth Buster in two forms:

The first is his Birth Buster in its regular mode:

And one in Cell Burst Mode

Each gun is a single mold of plastic with a small paint app to color the gashapon egg. It has a lot of molded detail, but not much paint.

Now onto the C.L.A.W.S. System:

The first part is the Crane Arm. this is one giant piece with an articulated joint to accommodate Birth's elbow.

It can also extend and retract the crane part a little bit.

The one problem I have with this is that the crane hinders the articulation a bit because of the joint. The joint is there for the scorpion mode, but it disables the elbow swivel. As a side note, the show has the crane in two pieces and the shoulder piece being about half the size.

Next is the Caterpillar Legs:

Next is the Shovel Arm:
 Simple piece, no gimmick unfortunately.

The next part is the Drill Arm:

This part only has a rotating drill bit.

Next is the Cutter Wing which attaches to the back:

Look Ma! I can fly!

Finally is the Breast Cannon:

He can also hold the cannon by the handles:

Finally finally is Birth's BIRTHday mode:

Overall I enjoy the figure. I think it is a nice toy and way beyond what the previous gimmick lines were in terms of design and quality.

Although I probably paid way to much over retail for it, if you can grab it for retail price or cheaper, it is totally worth it.

Bottom Line:
  • Mostly great articulation, great value.
  • Missing smaller details, lots of unpainted plastic.


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