Saturday, May 14, 2011

SH Figuarts Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa Review

Before I continue my Robotics stories, I want to post a review of a toy that I got recently. It is Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa Form. The reason I wanted to do this was just out of personal interest, so its not like its for some kind of project or anything. Hit the jump for more!

First of all, SH Figuarts are a line of super articulated toys made by Bandai. The line started in 2008 with its first release being Kamen Rider 1 from Kamen Rider The First.

The toy I am reviewing is Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa form.

First off is the box. As you can see, it has a nice design to it. It really stands out against older normal release Figuarts that had plain silver boxes.

Here is a comparison between TaToBa's box and an older box.

Now a side view.

And then the back of the box. Now onto the figure itself:

So the main gimmick of Kamen Rider OOO is his ability to change three parts of his body, the legs, torso and head. This is his base form, TaToBa, short for Taka, Tora, Batta, or hawk, tiger, grasshopper. Being from Hawaii I like the color choice as it is the same as the rasta colors.

Here is a back view. Its not as visually appealing as he only has a giant molded button here, but that's another story.

Now onto the accessories. TaToBa comes a plethora of accessories including: a pair of fists, a pair of splayed hands, a pair of hands to hold his weapon, a slightly more open right hand to hold the Os Scanner, two sets of claws; one that is flipped out and one that is retracted, the Medajalibur, and removable Os Driver and Scanner.

Unfortunately this is a little blurry, but here is a closeup of the Os Driver. There is no molded or painted details for the individual medals, but they are at least colored unlike the unpainted Gaia Memories that's in the Kamen Rider W Figuarts.

Here is another blurry shot of something. This is the Os Scanner which is used for transformation, changing forms, and final attacks. As I said before, it is removable and holdable.

Here is a closeup of the head. It showcases the unique compound eyes that Kamen Riders have. It might be hard to see, but there is some paint QC issues under the left eye. That sucks.

Here is a picture to show off some of the poseabillity. Another complaint that I have that a lot of people that have the OOO Figuarts have is the replacement of the rocker ankles to ball jointed ones. This replacement causes TaToBa to have restricted movement in his ankles due to the sculpt. Fortunately there are some mods to help with this, just follow this link right here

Here is some pictures showing off him holding the Scanner and sword. When he is holding an item, its pretty loose in his hand, so it makes some poses difficult.

Although I like the poseabillty of my Decade Complete more, I think TaToBa is a suitable figure. The only real problem is the lack of die cast. It makes TaToBa feel REALLY cheap. I also don't like the hip articulation compared to Decade's. Other than that, I find him enjoyable.

Here is some more pictures:

In a nutshell:
  • Nice details
  • A lot of accessories
  • Horrible QC
  • Horrible ankle and hip joints

On a scale of 1 to 5, I would give Kamen Rider OOO TaToBa form a 3.5 out of 5 because of the QC issues, lack of diecast, and joint weirdness.

I might do Decade next, if not more robotics stories. Stay tuned!


  1. That toy looks so cool. I wish I had something like that when I was younger and more into toys.

  2. pity about the joints. but nice review!

  3. You got every detail uh? Lol, good post.

  4. I wish I had toys like this when I was young.

  5. Wow those toys are pretty amazing. Wish I had more toys like that when I was a kid.

  6. Haha, do you collect these? I used to collect all sorts of Nintendo characters, not anymore tho. Made a small fortune selling them :D