Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Robotics is Fun: Part FINAL

After missing the deadline to enter the underwater ROV competition, our class turned into nothing as we had nothing to do. However, on our last day before graduation, our teacher gave us a final assignment:
Get our FIRST robot to deliver him a can of beer for an A. Now, since the FIRST competition, we couldn't get the wireless controls to work, so it seemed like a challenge. Fortunately, we had the beer covered (don't ask) but were confused on how to get the wireless to work. Just by chance, one of my friends was messing with his wireless router (which is how we controlled the robot) so he could play on Xbox Live easier. This resulted in him figuring out what was wrong. Our happiness could not have been greater as we slowly clamped on the beer can, drove to my teacher, and handed him the can for the most satisfying A I have ever earned.