Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Why Robotics is Fun: Part 4

Welcome back, sorry for the wait. Onto the next story in my robotics class; detailing our adventures at our regional FIRST Robotics competition.
We went to Oahu again, but this time we were without my college friend. So getting drinks were an issue. We ended up getting it from one of my teammate's friends, who eventually came up to our hotel room. Creating a ruckus with some Sky, the hotel security decided to pay us a little visit. After that harrowing encounter, we decided to go cruising outside. Our plan was to walk to Waikiki, but seeing that our hotel, the Ala Moana, was miles away, we had our work cut out.

Let me tell you, walking along the Ala Wai canal at midnight while trying to eat a double-quarter pounder is pretty hard. However, I prevailed and followed my drunk friends as they proceeded to fall on their ass; get tricked to race up long flights of stairs; and skinny dip at Waikiki beach. Did I mention we were with a very pretty lady that also skinny dipped? Yeah, there was that too. Shit was pretty cash.

The next night, we had to wait till 11:00 for our teacher to do a bed check then leave to go cruising. However, we were sitting around at 9:00 thinking, WTF, lets just tell him and leave. So we go next door, knock on the door and witness our robotics teacher shit faced. We laugh it off and tell him we will back at 2. He acknowledges this and goes back to playing cards with one of our other chaperones. This night wasn't as interesting as it was just a fat cruise session; getting chased off the beach by a cop car; and returing at exactly 2:00, just as we told our teacher.

Thus ends my stories about my high school robotics team. I still have one more supplemental planned out, so stay tuned for more!


  1. wow it must take up a lot of time and must be an expensive hobby also?